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The smart cane of tomorrow.  Taking the white cane to the next level.

Intelligent Feedback

Less obstacles in your way means less stress in your life. Real-time detection allows Sentio to immediately inform the user of the world around them via intelligent haptic feedback.

Smart Detection

Sentio uses stereo vision technology to scan for obstacles. It combines distance and object recognition by using cameras to capture detailed, relevant information in the environment.

Object Identification

Get where you need to go, faster and safer. Object identification algorithms allow Sentio to go beyond basic distance detection. Users can identify and range objects at the same time.

Intelligent Haptic Feedback

Sentio uses a range of frequencies and vibrations to accurately depict the environment around the user. When directed at objects, the cane vibrates at differing strengths depending on the user's proximity to the object. This enables the user to build a larger and more sophisticated mental map than with a traditional white cane.

Haptic Feedback diagram
Image of dual camera system in the cane

Dual Camera System

Sentio's integrated dual camera system uses stereo vision, extracting 3D information from the local surroundings. This allows Sentio to accurately and quickly detect distances from objects and feed extra information to the user, such as object heights or movement. It is fast, reliable, and works in nearly all lighting situations.

Object Recognition

Sentio recognizes objects in the local environment to give the user more than just the distance from an object, increasing their awareness about the world around them. With the latest advancements in machine learning, Sentio is equipped to provide the most informative experience for its users.

Example of object recognition using Sentio

About Us

We innovate thoughtfully and build with purpose. We strive to benefit the visually impaired community through developing affordable and intuitive enhancements. Let's design an accessible world, together.

Synesthetic Solutions originated as a student team of engineers from UC San Diego in 2017. After joining the Basement, a startup incubator, we received the funding and the mentoring to start developing Sentio in earnest. We are currently in the development phase of production and are moving quickly towards user testing and getting the device into the hands of visually impaired persons.

The Basement
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Samuel Merill-Palethorpe
Co-Founder, Electrical Engineer
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David Markov
Co-Founder, Aerospace Engineer

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Gaurav Parmar
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